The Wagyu Beef Difference

What makes Sneaky's burgers so good is no big secret.

Creating an amazing burger starts with the beef and we use the best there is. We are incredibly lucky to have Miller Wagyu Ranch right here in illinois. They are one of the very rare farms in the United States raising fullblood wagyu cattle. Almost all other wagyu farms raise "American Wagyu", which is bred with American Angus, a much less marbled breed of cattle. In fact, it is estimated that there are less than 5,000 fullblood wagyu cattle in the entire United States.

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The magic of wagyu beef is in the marbling that makes it so luxurious and delicious.

Of the four breeds that are considered wagyu, the best marbling is found in the Japanese Black Wagyu strain. Japanese Black consists of three subsets and of those three, Tajima is the best-marbled strain and the only one that can be labeled Kobe beef. So, we aren't just serving 100% wagyu beef burgers -- we are serving the best strain of the best breed of cattle in the world, genetically identical to Kobe beef and raised humanely and responsibly here in Illinois.

At Miller Wagyu Ranch, the main focus is keeping the animals stress-free. A calm and happy animal is not only healthier and easier to work with but it makes for a better product. Through complex chemical and biological processes, stressed cattle lead to a tougher and less flavorful product.

The Millers are passionate and caring people. We could see that as soon as we started speaking with them in 2021. We were so impressed when we went to the ranch to meet them and tour the facilities. At every stage, they go the extra step and spend the extra money to care for the herd. The most gentle cattle chute available, their expensive 14-ingredient proprietary blend of feed, their huge pins, and the beautiful pastures. We could go on about how lucky we feel to partner with a wagyu ranch that does everything the right way.

Every effort is made to keep the herd happy and content. They understand that treating their herd with care and compassion isn't just the only way animals should be treated - it's essential to raising the highest quality wagyu beef. Temple Grandin would be proud.

Miller Wagyu Ranch

For more information about our beef and wagyu beef in general, please visit our friends at the Miller Wagyu Ranch website.